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I have no idea where to start because

a) I suck at journal writing
b) I haven't posted since like, easter

I guess I will list some interesting points about my life recently....
  • Had a wicked sweet 16th, which was a Mad Hatter's tea party. All my friends dressed up.
  • [info]ilioua and [info]superfluous_sam went to Fall Out Boy with me, which was amazing!!
  • Completed my 11th year of schooling
  • Me and my boyfriend had our 2 year anniversery
  • I have a spiffy new laptop
  • Christmas is in 20 days!!!!!!!
I can't wait to start my Christmas cooking soon... Last year I baked a whole gingerbread house. That took wayy too much of my time, so i'm opting for a icecream bomb/cake with dried fruit.
I still cannot believe how many presents we have to get for family and such every year.
Me and mum counted, and there are over 30!!! This is just family. Not even counting friends.
Still, our family Christmas is the best. Things I identify the season with are usually wrapping paper shrewn across the ground, water fights, pillow cases filled with presents and lots of great food.

Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Today I am off to a festival to celebrate the new town square in Namby. I know what you're thinking... but it really does look good and I get to see a few of my friends.


I thought I would share with you the bunny cupcakes I made on good friday...
I used meringue for the ears!!
my absolute dream job is to own a cupcake/sweet shop :)

I hope everybody has a lovely easter ^_^


kitty reports =^_^=

I would just like to state that Super Natural is awesome, and that Dean and Sam kicks ass!!!
Dean = Really hot
Sam = Just like Harry Potter ^_^
That is all.

My boyfriend started university this year and I haven't been able to see him nearly as much as I would have wanted to lately.
Matty has been working part time for up to thirty hours a week aswell.
ALSO, being a teenager sucks so I have been all moody lately!!
I miss when we used to walk home from school nearly every day and spend the weekends together.
I miss seeing you at school and having somebody to walk me to class...
"you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone"
Today was particularly epic, because I got too see Matty for a good three hours ^_^
He really is too good to me, and yes - you should be jealous!!!

In the mail today I received my first lolita skirt... it is so god damned pretty.
All I need now is shoes, a blouse, some socks and a bag.... ahh!
It doesn't help that I only got two hours of work this week.
But what are you going to do?
I'm handing in my resume to Subway and the Swiss bakery this week some time.
Maybe I will get lucky...

it's raining, it's pouring

Hello LIve Journal ^_^

Okay... so where do I start?
My name is Lauren and I live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia.
I am in my eleventh year of highschool and I can't wait to leave!!
When I do I want to go to university to study a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood/Human Services
This means I can teach lower primary students, what I have wanted to do for a number of years :)

General interests:
I love to cook and my specialty is cupcakes.
I am learning to sew and would love to one day sell my cupcakes and aprons at the local markets.
I quite enjoy singing and listening to music, and in 2008 I travelled to China with a music group to preform!!
I, like a majority of my friends, love the Japanese culture.
I have been known to watch anime for hours on end, and spend a large amount of my night dressing up my poupee doll or scanning Lolita websites ^_^
One of my only regrets is not continuing to learn Japanese after my first year of Highschool.
I love Doctor Who!! David Tennant is sexy and Oods kick butt!!